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Prestige Music Studio has been teaching children and young adults for over 15 years! We specialize in music lessons in a variety of instruments as well as lessons in music theory. Our professional staff is passionate about sharing their talents and inspiring the next generation of music students. We look forward to teaching your child or young adult.


Play & Learn

Prestige Music Studio offers a wide variety of instrumental lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our instruction is given in the form of private lessons within your own home, but can also take place at the instructors home when necessary. We aim to offer the ideal learning opportunity by mixing instruction in a relaxing and familiar environment while developing their skills which is often individual to each student. Music lessons are meant to instruct and spark the creative mind of a child or young adult. 


Music Theory

Understanding music theory means knowing the language of music. The main thing to know about music theory is that it is simply a way to explain the music we hear. it can be IMPERATIVE when studying music and learning to read sheet music as well. Prestige music studio has experience in music theory education and incorporates it into all lessons and offers private sessions in music theory. 

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Over 14+ years of teaching and performing experience

Well-educated instructors with a variety of educational and instructional experience

Streamlined and passionate teaching philosophy

Child and student focused meant to enhance your musicians abilities and create a desire to learn and perform


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Prestige Music Studio runs its calendar from September to May and then provides a summer music schedule for lessons. However, we do accomodate and accept new students throughout the calendar year.